Terms and Conditions for Grant Applicants

Grant applicants agree to be governed by the terms and conditions detailed below. 

Grant applicants must confirm that they do not have a relationship of any kind with any member of the Jury Panel or any member of the Endowment Fund's Board or Executive. "Relationship" includes ties by blood, marriage or close friendship, professional affiliation or shared commercial interest of significance.

Grant applicants give permission to The Luminous Endowment for Photographers to publish the public portion of the applicants submission form. Information marked as private in the application will only be seen by Endowment Executive and Jurors.

Grant applicants furthermore agree that The Endowment may publicly exhibit images which form part of the applicant's submission, as well as those which may result from the work produced as part of the grant's fulfilment. These images may appear here on the Luminous Endowment web site, in an Annual Book of grant winner's images to be published by Lenswork Publishing, and in related venues and media. Companies which have sponsored grants may also use images which results from fulfillment of their grant for non-commercial purposes, such for promoting the grant,  the artist and his or her work.

No other rights are granted to The Luminous Endowment and the original photographer retains all copyright to the works submitted.

Applicants acknowledge that all photographs submitted, either as part of their grant application or in fulfilment of their grant, are original images made by the applicant. Furthermore these images do not violate any third party copyright or ownership.

Grant are provided for projects of less than 1 year. Recipients are expected to file a final report with the Endowment detailing the results of their grant undertaking no later than 12 months after receipt of funding. This report shall be in writing, and accompanied by images either related to or which form the project in whole or in part. This report and images will be published on the Endowment web site, and in an Annual Grant Winner's Book to be published by Lenswork Publishing for The Endowment.

The Endowment, at its sole discretion, may allocate awarded funds to grant recipients on a quarterly basis, with further monies to be paid upon receipt by the Endowment of acceptable progress reports. Such quarterly written report is a condition of receipt. Failure to file proper quarterly reports will be sufficient grounds to terminate any outstanding portion of the grant monies at any time.

These reports may or may not be published online on the Endowment web site, as mutually agreed by the recipient and the Endowment. 

Grants will be made by inter-bank wire transfer. Upon request grant recipients will provide The Endowment with necessary transfer details from their bank. Transfers will only be made to bank accounts in the name of the grant recipient.

Any and all disputes regarding grants will be decided by The Endowment's Board of Directors and adjudicated and administered at their sole discretion.