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"My wife and I have been stunned and moved by your 20 Year Retrospective book.  Each image, many of which I’ve seen on the website, is reproduced so lovingly that the artists eye shines through in all its glory.  How I envy your eye.  And to receive this for donating to such a worthy cause is doubly wonderful.

I think we’ve already missed two meals because we are too enthralled to put the book down. This is a book we will treasure all our lives and pass to our children to show them what a life of keen observation coupled with an understanding of science and art can reveal. Thank you so much for the 20 (and more) years of work that went into this project".
– Robert ‘Sandy’ Sandhaus (and Dot Sandhaus)
Michael Reichmann’s -  A 20-Year Photography Retrospective –  is not simply a book, but rather an experience. Something to live with each day; turn a page, and inhale.  You are looking through the eyes of a Master.

Michael has been the founder and voice of Luminous Landscape for the past 15 years.  “Lula”, as it is commonly referred to, has become the Rosetta Stone of many a photographer’s decisions and solutions.  Yet, this retrospective is a deviation.  There are no words.  Only photographs with a title.  From melting icebergs in Antarctica, to the shyness of a girl in Bagladesh.  From the dwindling sunlight in Madagascar, to a forlorn carcass of a ship on a beach… every page is a journey.

A collaboration between Michael Reichmann and Arturo Chapa – one of the world’s best book designers –  this retrospective is different.  This is not a book to consume in one sitting, but rather something to linger over.   There is nothing conventional about a single page.  From carefully studied compositions, to moments caught on the fly, there is an energy of observation behind each photograph, each moment. Arturo Chapa has produced books for clients spanning the globe, including the King of Spain and Frida Kahlo.  His attention to detail alone, is something to be observed.  The binding.  The stitching.  The font.  The paper.  This in itself is a lesson in design and craftsmanship.  The synergy of these two men, results in a book in which each page considers and celebrates the energy of the photograph.  There is an example of this on almost every page:

A Lunar Eclipse in Death Valley, on page 54, is as much about the photograph, as it is about its relationship to the page; which is all pulled together by the centred title.  One would normally expect to see single page layouts of the desert dunes found on pages 102 and 103.  By putting them together, the photographs bring attention to the lines and shapes of the dunes… and another meaning is formed.  On a single page we go from a man raking a bullring in Spain, to another in China raking rice… only for us to realize just how small the world really is.  Turn further, and one is immersed into the atavistic duality of the graveyards on pages 230 and 231.  Pause on the cable gang in the Bangladesh ship harbour on page 206, or the Sail Fastener on page 153 and a stillness overtakes you.

For years we heard the voice of Michael Reichmann through Luminous Landscape.  Now you can look through his eyes, and you will understand…
– Jakob de Boer

Jakob de Boer has spent most of his professional life as a television director and producer, with well over 100 episodes and  commercials to his credit. Born and educated in Toronto, Canada into a family that produced globally syndicated television, he spent his childhood traveling the world, went on to study business at Western University and continued his studies in film at NYU. He has also worked in film, both as a director and producer, and is currently preparing to direct a film based on a screenplay he has written.
Jakob also manifests his creative spirit in his his photographs.  He is known for his revealing portraits of ‘Masters’ of all descriptions from around the globe, striving to bring light to their work, their environments, their points of view.  Another significant body of his work as a photographer includes landscapes which seek to capture the ethereal qualities of the earth.   He is often described as “a hunter of moments.”   
"We received our wonderful copy of your 20 year retrospective today.  It is beyond words, elegant, beautiful, inspiring and a wonderful memory of you and my years of following and growing with LL."

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