Hidden Barn

Pentax 645z with 75mm f/2.8
1/400sec. F/16. ISO 800. Hand Held

I spend the summer at a house in farm country. It's very lovely and peaceful but not a place with a lot of variety for photography. Nevertheless I try and get out as often as possible and challenge myself to find worthwhile images.

By mid-August the wild as well as cultivated vegetation is at its most fecund. I was looking for a way of illustrating this, besides the usual corn rows stretch to infinity. Something a bit more intimate.

I took a walk along the country road near my house with my smallest and lightest lens for the Pentax 645z, the 75mm f/2.8. This combo is just light enough not to be a bother hung over my shoulder on a Blackrapid strap. It also would force me to take shots with a "natural" perspective rather than the compressed tele shots that I usually enjoy when shooting in farmland.

Raw image

Nature can be inherently messy, and especially so when there's a lot of green foliage. So, I knew that this shot would want to be in B&W. 

In Lightroom, after doing basic luminance corrections I turned to the HSL tab and adjusted the image until the green and yellow total values were where I wanted them. In the days of film I would always travel with a green filter for lightening foliage, but HSL provides so much more powerful a tool.

 100% crop

The pleasure in viewing this image lies in the tremendous detail and varied tonalities of the vegetation. Also the contrast between the ephemeral chaos of the plants and the timeless symmetry of the barn are involving. I also decided to crop square, which lends the image a certain gravitas which it handles well.


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