Approaching Storm

Approaching Storm. Clearview Ontario. June, 2014
Sony A7r with 24-70mm Zeiss @ 24mm
1/160 sec @ f/6.3. ISO 100


It isn't often that one gets to make a portfolio-grade shot while having dinner at home with ones family. But such was the case when we were sitting around the dinner table, and my son and his wife both commented on the threatening clouds that were forming to the south of our country property.

I grabbed my camera, stepped onto the porch, and after taking a couple of frames just stood and watched in awe and fear as what looked to me like an developing tornado built for a new more moments and then thankfully dissipated as quickly as it had formed.

raw file

The first step in process the image was to clone out the big fat dust spot at the upper right. (Or, maybe it was a flying saucer tracking the storm). After that it was simply a matter of  using a brush to lighten the clouds and increase the contrast within them, and then to use the gradient tool to lighten the foreground and bring our detail.

Focus was at infinity, but an aperture of f/6.3 with the focal length set at 24mm was enough to hold depth of field to the foreground fence.

100% crop


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