Clean Sweep

Sony RX100 MKIII @ ISO 125

According to Jay Maisel, one of the important elements of a strong image is "gesture".  I agree.  Even inanimate objects can have "gesture".  But when there are people involved it's a critical component.

I was walking across a parking lot on my way to an appointment when I noticed roofers working atop a church opposite. I watched for a while, then started taking shots as their positions created interesting compositions.

raw file

I didn't have a long lens, (just my pocket Sony RX100 MKIII), but this then forced me (allowed me?) to "think wide" and include the sun, which was playing hide-and-seek with the quickly moving clouds. In the end I'm glad of it because otherwise the shot would have just been a silhouette, and compositionally less interesting.

100% crop


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