Over The Hill

Panasonic FZ1000 @ 320mm Equiv.
1/500 sec @ f/5.6 @ ISO 125

It was 7:30am in Algonquin Park, on a late September, 2014 day in north-central Ontario. Nick Devlin and I had been out and shooting since 6:15am, and had just left a fantastic location where we'd photographed sunrise though the fog from the edge of a placid lake.

We topped a hill on Hwy 60, which runs through the park, and saw this lovely vista before us. I pulled over, but the problem was that we were on the crest of a hill and there was really nowhere safe to set up the tripod and shoot at a good angle, except from in the middle of the road facing oncoming traffic.

I therefore grabbed my "swiss-army-knife" camera, the new Panasonic FZ1000, and hand-held a few frames before hopping back into the car and driving to safety.

raw file

I'm a sucker for compressed perspective landscapes, and when the light and atmospherics come together they form ingredients that I just can't resist. 

I cropped the image until all the pieces were in balance, and then just muted the highlights while opening the shadows a bit in Lightroom. Some sharpening and a Clarity brush in a few areas completed the technical execution.

100% crop

As for shooting with the FZ1000, it is rapidly becoming a constant side-kick. It reaches longer than anything I can do with the Pentax 645z or my Sony A7r system, and is small and light enough to always be along as an all-purpose back-up.

As for the image quality, as long as the ISO is kept below 800 it's very good, and resolution is excellent. Due to its Leica design lens and 20MP sensor, even with the cropping you see here it made a very nice 19" X 20" print.


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