Blue Motel

Panasonic FZ1000
1/250 sec @ f/5.6 @ ISO 125









As I write this phlog there is a debate going on on the Luminous Landscape Forum about cultural relevance in art. A heady topic, but one that is meaningful in the context of this photograph.

My friend, and a frequent contributor to LuLa, Nick Devlin, and I had been doing an early morning shoot in Algonquin Park in north-central Ontario in late September, 2014. We'd been out well before dawn, and by about 8am we were starving, and had arrived at my favourite breakfast diner in Whitney, a small town just outside the park's eastern gates.

100 % crop

The town was in fog because of a nearby river, and we both immediately forgot about scrambled eggs and coffee as we were enchanted by the look of this motel, just over the road and down a small hill from where we'd parked.

Objectively there is nothing special about this 50's era motel, but both Nick and I were quite taken by the way it looked in the early light of that foggy morning. It evoked emotions and memories which are hard to name, but which were clearly shared by the two of us, even though he and I are separated by about 25 years in age, and originally come from different parts of the country.

Does this image appeal to you? Maybe not. But if it does consider the cultural references or memories that its appearance in the soft light of early morning evokes in you.

raw image

Image processing was straightforward, with only some cropping and some luminance adjustment.


This image and its analysis may be discussed on the LuLa Forum