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Seeing The World Through Michael's Eyes

Sony A7r with 70-200mm f/4. 1/3200 @ f/5/6 @ ISO 100

What is it like to see the world though someone else's eyes... through the filter of their experiences, talents and unique perspective?

With this blog (or phlog as I call it) I provide a real-time photographic diary of my photography, as I shoot it. Every week or so as I travel and do my landscape as well as documentary shooting, I will feature a new image and also a discussion – technical, aesthetic and situational – about the making of each images. 

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an essay by Michael on that image's creation.



 Peeling Reality Young Girl and Book   Simplicity    Clean Sweep   Andromeda
 Over The Hill Blue Motel The Woman Who Wasn't There  Sun Road  Scuttering Clouds 

Hidden Barn


Hill Top Storm


Full Moon Mist


Approaching Storm

Sky Light Circles

Summer Memories



These images and their articles can be discussed on the 
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