Young Girl and Book

Pentax 645Z with 80-160mm lens at ISO 1600
1/500 sec @ f/16

Though my December, 2014 trip to the island of Hawaii was about photographing the volcanos and landscape, we did venture down to a beach one morning to watch the waves crashing on the frozen lava along the shoreline. 

As we walked I noticed a young girl standing before the turbulent waves, totally absorbed in her book. She faced the water, away from me, so I could only catch glimpses of the book and her face. I didn't want to appear to be a stalker or in any way threatening, so I simply stood my ground about 20 feet away, watching the waves crash and waiting to see if she might turn enough for me to see both her face and the book. This is what was needed to tell the story.

After a few minutes, possibly feeling my presence, she turned and gave me a look which is at once challenging and curious. I took a frame. I had my story.

The girl reminds me very much of the daughters of two of my friends. These are young women who appear removed from the contemporary electronic media-soaked world and whose minds still yearn for the companionship of real books, and for whom a visit to the beach is a time for concentration as well as reflection.


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