The Luminous Experience

Photographic Expeditions Beyond Expectations


With Kevin Raber & Guest Instructors

To assist in raising funds for The Luminous Endowment, a limited series of small and exclusive photographic expeditions will be conducted each year.

These expeditions are intended for individuals who wish to participate in a highly personalized travel workshop with a small group of like-minded photographers.

Each workshop's instruction team will consist of Kevin Raber and one other of the world's top photographers. 

These workshops will be limited to small number of attendees, allowing for highly personalized involvement with Kevin and the other instructor. In addition one-on-one portfolio reviews will be held, as well as other instruction as individuals may request. Workshops will offer first class travel and accommodation. 

Attendees will be expected to make a substantial donation to The Luminous Endowment for Photographers, with 100% of proceeds going toward The Endowment and its grant program. Donations of $35,000 will will entitle the donor to the creation of a named Grant. 

All donors will receive charitable donation receipts for their contributions.

 If you are interested in attending one of these workshops
and to have your name added to our exclusive attendee mailing list
please send a note to Michael Reichmann.



Logistics by Rockhopper Workshops

Rockhopper Workshops is the exclusive provider of workshop logistics to The Luminous Landscape, and thus is a strategic partner to The Luminous Endowment.  All Luminous Experience workshop travel arrangements will be made by Rockhopper and will be charged to attendees at cost plus 10%.

As a consequence, and in keeping with The Endowments status as a not-for-profit, Luminous Experience Workshops will not make any additional charges to attendees. All instructors are working pro-bono, with the Luminous Endowment paying only their travel related expenses.