Notes from Michael Reichmann on

A 20 Year Photography Retrospective

The Images and Descriptions

These notes describe the making of the images in my book, "Michael Reichmann – a 20 Year Photography Retrospective”.  This book is only available via a donation to The Luminous Endowment for Photographers.

One of the benefits of being a photographer is that the images that one creates, in addition to any other purpose, serve as an invaluable aide-memoire. As I reviewed each page in the book to write these notes intense memories came flooding back. I can often almost feel the wind, and smell the earth; even remember what I was feeling and thinking at the time.

When I mention that “we" saw or did something, almost always it means my good friend and business partner, Chris Sanderson (now a Director & Vice-President of The Endowment) who was a constant companion on my many expeditions, workshops and travels around the world these past couple of decades. Thanks Chris, for your constant friendship, support and good humour.

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