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November 2017

This is who we are: memories of a tradition

Ana Caroline de Lima - São Paulo, Brasil

There are more than 200 indigenous ethnicities in Brazil. Some are already urbanized, some almost uncontacted, and most of them are in between, trying to figure out how to preserve their culture and still provide a better life for the next generation.

I would go to a Xavante’s tribe in Xingu Nature Reserve and document some weeks in their lives: how to they cook, how do they work, how to they live and pcreate a documentary/anthropologic photo essay that would show their stories and tradition

April 2017

Immigration dream

Anastasiia Kotelnyk - Kiev, Ukraine

A year ago  friends of mine won the Green Card lottery and moved to the United States of America . They had decided to participate in the lottery just for fun and out of curiosity, and unexpected for themselves won it . They have been married for 7 years, have their own apartment in a big city, jobs and a dog. Had they ever dreamt of or planned to move to the US or any other county? Never! They did not even speak English.

August 2016

The Things We Leave Behind

Ana V Ramirez - California, USA

Material possessions are a staple of modern life; on our travels and throughout our lives we collect things. But these things aren’t just things for some of us; every object has a multitude of feelings and memories that go with it. When my mother died she left me a lot of things – beautiful things. The Things We Leave Behind is a project that explores the beauty of what my mother left me by creating still life images that go beyond the object to something deeply personal.


Elsa Johanna

Laura J. Bennett - CA, USA

Elsa Johanna is a project based on the life of my grandmother. She emigrated from Finland in 1929 through Ellis Island, living out her life as a poor domestic worker in New York City. She left behind a five year diary, which documents historic events such as the burning of the U.S.S. Normandie and Finland's fall to Russia. More importantly, she was a TB survivor who mourned having to spend years in a hospital bed away from her only son, my father - a child born out of wedlock.

What Remains : Forgotten Homesteads of the American West

Jennifer Meyers - Utah, United States

My proposed project is to photograph and gather information on many of the last remaining abandoned homes built by western pioneers in the Mountain West region of the United States. My end goal would be to produce medium to large scale photograph prints for a gallery setting.

Costică Acsinte Archive

Popescu Mario-Cezar - Ialomita, România

Romanian WW1 photographer, Costică Acsinte left around 10.000 glass plates negatives of exceptionally importance. This project is about digitizing and disseminating his work.