The Southern Exposure Grant

Documenting the people, culture and landscape of the American Southeast

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November 2017

Mundane Nashville

David S. Piñeros - TN, USA

This projects documents the everyday life in downtown Nashville, it puts in perspective the human condition and sociocultural realities. It is a street photography work that will become a coffee table book.

April 2017

The Dam Birds

Paula Van Every - Mississippi, United States

The Dam Bird project interprets a fragile symbiosis between wild birds and a human/industrial environment in my home state of Mississippi. The Dam Birds are a community of waterbirds that have established themselves beneath an active flood control dam on the outskirts of the state’s largest metro area. The project will illustrate their beauty in the midst of grim surroundings, utilizing an atypical blend of nature and fine art photographic approaches.

August 2016

Florida Stewards

Dustin Angell - Sebring, United States

Florida Stewards celebrates wildlife biologists and others who work in Florida’s wild places, protecting its rarest species. In 2014 I began accompanying these Stewards into the field, observing and making portraits. My goal is to educate the public about Florida’s wildlife and the professionals working to preserve it. The Southern Exposure grant would help with the costs of an exhibition and monograph.