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April 2016

What Science and Photography Can Teach Us

Dan Mele - Florida, USA

As a biologist, I’m interested in the relationships between the smallest of organisms to the largest. As a photographer, my goal is to share this information through educational imagery for the audience that may never get to witness such spectacles, with the idea that they will love what they learn about, and will want to conserve it for future generations.

Developing a Way of Seeing: Becoming a Nature Photographer in the Midwest

Joe Sulik - Minnesota, USA

I am a 19 year old nature photographer with a passion for capturing the intersection between the natural world and the vast array of human cultures on planet Earth. I hope to dedicate my life to documenting stories about our rapidly changing planet within my home of the forests and prairies of Minnesota.

A Glimpse Into the Overlooked in the Lost World

Andrew Snyder - Maryland, USA

The inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Lost World,” Guyana is a small country with big boasts: diverse habitats, biodiversity, and cultures. My first trip was in 2011 where I conducted biodiversity surveys in the rainforest and discovered the utility of my camera as a conservation tool in giving a voice for the overlooked animals and places of conservation concern, and to raise awareness. Six more trips, with plans for more, there’s still much of Guyana’s story to tell.

Deep South Science: A Natural History

todd amacker - TN, United States

I’m a lifelong student of natural history and spend my free time stalking small creatures in forests and streams. More than 99% of the organisms on Earth are smaller than your thumb and I believe that all of them demand our respect.

A lens into our fragile freshwater

Jennifer Adler - Florida, USA

Florida sits atop a lens of fragile freshwater. This aquifer supplies Floridians with their daily water needs, but the very people who live their lives walking on this water remain largely disconnected from it. My current work is focused on bringing this hidden world into the public eye, sharing both the striking beauty and the alarming degradation of the springs and aquifer in order to spark a new water ethic. My life’s work and passion is telling water’s story through the lens of my camera.

A Passion For Wild Places

Grant Ordelheide - Colorado, USA

Growing up in the Colorado Rockies as part of an outdoor orientated family, I was introduced to the great outdoors at a young age. I began to borrow my dad’s camera to document the places we would go backpacking and skiing. I eventually got my own camera and began to put more thought into my photos. For me, photography came about as a byproduct of my adventures in nature. It was my passion for the outdoors that prompted my passion for photography.

Conservation and Photography: A Natural Connection

Gabby Salazar - Maryland, USA

As a photographer and naturalist, I have spent over half of my life trying to use photojournalism to bring about social change and environmental awareness. My interest in nature photography goes back to my childhood, when my father gave me my first camera. Early on, I realized that I wanted to use photography to reconnect people with the natural world and to encourage them to be better stewards of the planet.

The Boreal Forest: An Ecosystem in Peril

Benjamin Olson - Minnesota, USA

Over 10 years ago, I unknowingly embarked on lifelong journey documenting the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota. Upon first visiting the boreal forests of northern Minnesota, I knew and felt that this place was special. At first, I explored the lakes, rivers and forests of this beautiful landscape as a means to hone my skills and develop as a photographer. As time passed, and my knowledge and appreciation of the region grew, my perspective evolved, and so did my portfolio.