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November 2017

Colours of Armenia

Barbora Vávrová - CZ, Česko

I'm a photographer from the Czech Republic who loves to visit and explore new countries, especially those that aren't so popular and well-known like the others.
Visiting Armenia is on my list for long time. This country is quite "undiscovered" and many people don't know anything about this country and its history and I thinks it's a pity, because Armenia deserves much more attention. I would love to capture the beauty of this country, in a creative way. Both landscapes and people.

April 2017

A Passage To Armenia

Sugato Mukherjee - West Bengal, India

A visit to Armenia means entering humanity’s purest traditional roots. From the biblical beauty of Mount Ararat to its archeological and architectural wonders, Armenia is a treasure trove to the intrepid traveller. And equally attractive is the deep-rooted cultural heritage of this Caucasian country. As a travel photographer, my proposed project would be to highlight the uniqueness of Armenia to the wider travel community through photo essays, articles and exhibition.

August 2016

Armenia: Off the beaten paths

Hayk Melkonyan - Yerevan, Armenia

The project entitled “Armenia: Off the beaten paths” which consists of photos of wilderness, untouched landscapes , such distant and difficult to access regions of Armenia as mountains and gorges of Syunik, Geghama range and forests in the Northern parts of the country. This regions are unknown not only for tourists, but for the most of locals.


Project Pressure - Mount Aragats and Lake Sevan

Toby Smith - London, United Kingdom

Mount Aragats is both the highest point in Armenia, a beautiful national symbol and a popular destination for tourists. Toby Smith and Project Pressure will complete a summer expedition to circumnavigate and summit Mount Arafat, documenting the stunning landscapes, historical sites and incredible panoramic views. The results will be geotagged and published online. Lake Sevan, the recreational and economic heart of Armenia will then be circumnavigated to create a vivid and diverse documentary.