Antarctica XXI Grant

An Antarctica Exploration for a Creative Photographer

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November 2017


Benjamin Olson - Minnesota, USA

Antarctica is the poster child for climate change, breathtaking landscape and unimaginable wildlife. Advocates for this imperiled ecosystem range wide and far, but I am a believer in strength in numbers. This opportunity allows me to continue my conservation journalism and provides a glimpse into a radically changing world. My proposed theme for the Antarctica XXI Grant is “Melting.” I will focus on the impacts of melting ice and how that shapes the landscape, wildlife, ecotourism and research.


Antarctica - Every Shade of Blue

MICHAEL QUINN - CO, United States

Everybody that travels to Antarctica comes back with the same story - Ice that exhibits every shade of blue. Antarctica ice is much older than the Arctic Ice, denser, more sculpted by weather and time. The influence of light and the color of light on ice is dramatic. Mid day sun brings out the whiteness. Sunrise and Sunset bring a warmth. Twilight brings the pastels. Storm ridden days brings the drama and contrast of colors.

Exploring the light and colors of antarctica in abstract landscapes

Vincent Woolley - NY, United States

My purposed project would be to use the unique vision i have developed over 40 years as a landscape photographer to capture the wonderful light and colors antarctica, and to produce fine art prints for gallery showing, and a limited edition portfolio of these prints.