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November 2017

Way Outside the Box

Kristina Pedersen - IL, United States

Way Outside the Box: Creative Labor in the Midwest
A.J. Zelina Emerging Young Photographer Grant Proposal

This ongoing photojournalism project explores and documents nontraditional creative communities in rural and suburban Midwest. The project intends to celebrate even the smallest moments of divine self-realization and self-actualization through expression. I am particularly keen on exploring how we fit these moments into a seemingly-recalcitrant cycle of production and consumption.


August 2016

Homeless at the End

Daniel Lombardi - Salt Lake City, United States

Three people have died down the street from my house in the past year. These three souls were a small part of the ninety some people who die homeless in Salt Lake City every year. I am documenting the lives and deaths of the homeless in my community.


Face Earth

Jeri Gravlin - UT, United States

Create a new body of work that is an exploration of the deep connection humans have with nature that will highlight the negative effects alongside the positive effects humans have on the natural world. A series of portraits with humans being affected by our lack of caring for the earth and then portraits of individuals trying to fix the same problems. The main message is the importance of caring for our beautiful and fragile planet that humans are a part of, not separate from.