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Encouraging Photography In The Greater China Region

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November 2017

Modern Architecture in China


My project is to travel to Beijing, Shanghai, and other cities and provinces in China, including possibly HongKong and Taiwan, to photograph and build up my portfolio of modern and cutting edge architecture. China's cities have seen the emergence of bold and modern architectural design in recent years. They have been the center of many innovative and exciting works of Asian and western architects.

April 2017

Bridging the Chinese Diaspora and Greater China

Angela Wan - NY, USA

A project that aims to bring awareness to Chinese diaspora the importance of keeping cultural ties with the older Chinese generation in Greater China to preserve Chinese culture in a globalized socioeconomic world.

August 2016

Made in China

Kai Loeffelbein - lower saxony, Germany

In recent years China has become one of the biggest economic powers worldwide. Hundreds of millions of workers produce countless products that are designed especially for the American and European market. Together with a publisher we agreed to make a photo volume about the working environments of China, which will be joined by Chinese workers literature and non-fiction texts.The book will span a wide range of subjects from large production halls to small salespersons.


Small Towns and Ancient Villages: a Bridge Between Three Regions

Alanna Yee - Shanghai, China

This project uses the bridge as the underlying theme to connect several regions of China and to explore the similarities and diversity of small towns and ancient villages in these areas.

Yunnan Orphans, documenting the dreams of a new generation.

sean de sparengo - new territory , hk

These portraits are a document of the dreams and hopes of a generation of children from a ancient tribal cultures undergoing powerful and rapid changes. These photos are intended to capture these children that are experiencing a sense of freedom and hope that their parents and grandparents didn't.