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April 2017

Hold Your Breath

Arden Surdam - CA, United States

Hold Your Breath is a body of work recently exhibited in Los Angeles. The two year project is a series of portraits capturing handmade papier-mch headpieces which are covered with found fabric & wrapped around models in a studio setting. The images arise from months living in New Orleans where I was engaged with the arts community learning how to build floats & costumes. If awarded this grant, I would be able to expand my skills beyond the studio in order to create a monograph or publication.

August 2016

Publication Design Grant

Eric Myrvaagnes - MA, United States

Having photographed seriously for over fifty years, I have recently been considering producing one or more books of my best photographs. I expect to fund the book production myself. I would plan to use the grant to learn enough about layout and book design to produce a simple but elegant book. I also would like consultation in approaching the important decisions about Print on Demand vs. a production run and possible ways to promote the book beyond the audience I have identified below.


LensWork Publication Skills Grant - Acquiring Japanese Bookbinding Skills

Stephen Cairns - Gifu, Japan

Ifd like to learn Japanese bookbinding skills as I work toward the presentation of my various ongoing projects. In particular, Ifd like to learn two Edo period presentation and archival approaches that are seldom taught today: how to make a gchitsuh and a gmeotobakoh - both of which are means of collecting and protecting loose pages for archival purposes. My intention is customize the processes to make Japanese-style folios for collections of unbound images.

Edge of Chaos

David Ricci - MA, United States

The Edge of Chaos is a series of several bodies of work connected not by subject or subject matter, but by a compositional style in which I try to orchestrate a plethora of visual elements.
At the heart of these photographs is my attempt to recognize an unexpected elegance at sites generally thought to be aesthetically barren, to hear the music buried beneath the noise, to discover those mystical, magical moments found at The Edge of Chaos.

Montes Niviferi

Jacek uc - Lower Silesia, Poland

Giant Mountains are located in the south-western part of Poland, on the Polish-Czech border. Have been known from antiquity under different names. Each of these names, in Greek, Latin, Czech. Polish, German refers to the different characteristics of these mountains.
My idea is to work on projects based on this variety. My goal is to complete and publish them in the form of folio and PDF.
The first project to be published is Montes Niviferi.