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April 2017


Teri Havens - Colorado, USA

An homage to the humble bar. Palladium prints of simple, solitary structures shrouded in loneliness and isolation, yet miraculously, as if blessed by some divine patron, still open.

August 2016

The Retail Landscape

Drew Harty - NY, USA

The Retail Landscape project looks at the impact of retail development on community landscapes across the country. In two generations the number of retail spaces in the United States increased from 7600 in 1964 to 107,773 in 2011, yet we rarely pause to give them a second glance. It is my hope the retail landscape photographs will engage viewer’s imaginations in a way the physical retail landscapes we negotiate every day simply do not.


New Mexico Adobe Church Project Proposal

John A. Benigno - Pennsylvania, USA

The goals for my project are to contribute a body of work that inspires the preservation and renovation of adobe churches throughout New Mexico; demonstrates how important they are to its culture, traditions and history; and spreads the word of the contribution they make to the culture of the Southwest beyond the region. While these goals go beyond the financial support provided by the Luminous Endowment, winning this award would make possible an extended stay in New Mexico to help me complete the photography phase.

Abject Tranformations

victoria piersig - ON, Canada

This project illustrates the growing disconnect between urbanites and the production of commodities that sustain These images explore the sites of old industries along the Great Lakes, which struggle to maintain their presence in the landscape and the ships that connect them.

The southern Ancient Guardians

Vincenzo Mazza - Rome, Italy

Pollino’s National Park is a protected area in southern Italy. Despite its unique environment, due to the presence of an endemic species of trees (the Pinus Leucodermis), it has never been significantly photographed in the last 30 years.

My proposed project is to continue an already ongoing personal project aimed to show a new vision of that environment: an ideal, one yearlong tale of the life of Pollino's pines through the different seasons.
My dream is to publish a book about this work.

Industrial Decay and Anomalous Objects

Henry Michaels - SAMPLE - Indiana, USA


Across the so-called "Rust Belt" of the U.S northeast lie innumerable abandoned factories and similar structures. Within are found anomalous object, sometimes accidental and occasionally deliberate.

My proposed project is to continue an already year-long personal project with the intent of producing a body of fine-art images for gallery exhibit and as a possible portfolio or book.