The M. Reichmann Grant

For Emerging Photographers

The M. Reichmann Grant is currently closed

Sponsored by this web site's founder, this award is granted to photographers of all ages who are moving to the next level in their art and craft.

This grant may be used to complete a body of work, publish a monograph, or book or portfolio. It may also be used to support travel to a specific location for a defined purpose.

There are no restrictions on the style of photography or subject(s) chosen. What the judges will be evaluating is the potential of the photographer's work submitted as examples, the clarity of vision, and the potential that the photographer exhibits for producing a maturing body of work. 

Most important in the judge's consideration will be that the applicant is pursuing the development of a strong personal style. The photographer should demonstrate an ability to produce images of substance possessing a unique vision.

Please note that the funded project must be completed within 12 months of the awards granting. We expect to receive a full report from you on how you have used the funds on a quarterly basis and also on the final results of your project.

All projects will be featured in an annual book of Award Winners to be published by our supporting partner Lenswork  Publishing.

Readers may discuss grant applications on our Facebook page.

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