The 2016 Art Wolfe Next-Generation Photographers Grant

Seven Individual Workshop Grants Are Available

The Art Wolfe Next-Generation Nature Photographers Grant is for young, professional nature photographers. Recipients will be selected on the basis of skill, artistic excellence and by demonstrating the promise of future achievement.

Please note that submissions for this particular grant
must be submitted no later than March 31, 2016.


Working photographers earning a significant portion of their income from nature photography, are 18-30 years of age and either U.S. citizens or permanent residents, may apply for this immersive educational workshop with Art Wolfe.  A total of seven applicants will be selected on the basis of a written submission and portfolio that must accompany each application.

From July 31 to August 6, 2016, seven successful applicants will attend a six-day workshop at a remote Lodge in Katmai, Alaska, photographing the spectacular wildlife and rugged landscape.  This special workshop program is based on the internationally known Art Wolfe Katmai Photography Workshop and will visit many of the same locations. 

The Luminous Endowment for Photographers, in partnership with Art Wolfe, Inc., is sponsoring this workshop program as part of its mission to advance the Art and Craft of Photography.   Art Wolfe, Inc., an experienced provider of photography workshops and related travel, will be coordinating all lodging, meals, instruction and transportation from Anchorage to and from the Lodge as well as all day-trips.  This Grant was made possible with the generous support of Rebecca Jones, and the Seneca Sawmill Co.  Also through the generous support of Canon USA.

Participants are responsible for all costs and arrangements necessary for travel to and from Anchorage, Alaska and accommodation in Anchorage, if required.  All participants will be met in Anchorage and must arrive prior to the commencement of the Workshop on July 31, 2016. The workshop will include private charter flights to and from Anchorage to the Lodge, accommodation, food and beverages  and personal instruction from Art Wolfe  (a $10,000 value).

Please note that submissions for this particular grant
must be submitted no later than March 31, 2016.

The Fine Print

– Please Read Carefully Before Applying –


Communications and Use of Images:

[For the purposes of this section, the “Endowment” shall include The Luminous Endowment for Photographers Inc., together with its licensees, sponsor-affiliates, agents and designees.]


The copyright in all artistic works created with funding provided by the Endowment shall remain with the photographer and the Endowment shall not receive an interest of any kind therein except as follows: In consideration for any and all funding, goods and services provided by the Endowment which facilitated the creation of said artistic works, the Endowment shall receive a perpetual, royalty-free non-exclusive license and all rights ancillary and related thereto to without limitation, to reproduce, use, display, transmit and otherwise exploit all images created as part of the workshop exclusively for the following purposes:

i. Post and display on the Endowment’s website;

ii. Include in printed and electronic promotional materials for the Endowment;

iii. Include printed copies in exhibitions arranged by the Endowment1; and

iv. Such other purposes as the Endowment’s Board of Directors may elect and which are consistent for the exempt purpose and mission for which the Endowment was formed.

Each applicant warrants and represents that every photograph submitted as part of an application and which is created with the assistance of the Endowment, is his/her own original work and that he/she has the unrestricted right to grant to the Endowment the license and rights described above.

In all materials and media created to publicize the exhibition and marketing of the photographic works created during the workshop, you shall include the following statement: “The Photographer recognizes the Luminous Endowment for Photographers for making a significant financial contribution to support this photographic work. Without such support, the creation of this work would not have been possible.”


Neither the Luminous Endowment for Photographers or affiliated sponsors nor its insurers provide cover to workshop participants while they are traveling to, from or during the workshop. Winners are at their own risk as they participate in the workshop and the Endowment requires that each participant secure independent insurance coverage (proof of which will be required as a condition of participation) and duly recognize the extent and limitations of such coverage, specifically in the areas of health and disability coverage.


Selected workshop participants agree that their participation in this workshop is purely voluntary. Given the outdoor nature of this wilderness workshop certain risks including but not limited to bodily injury, death, illness, loss, damage to personal property, and other safety-related dangers exist and due care must be taken.

Participants will be required to execute a release of liability document and will also be required to prove that they are in possession of a travel insurance policy having a minimum of $50,000 for emergency medical and emergency evacuation services with minimum benefit of $100,000.