Antarctica XXI Grant

An Antarctica Exploration for a Creative Photographer

Please note that this grant is only awarded once per year.
While the application period is open, final dates and arrangements have not been made by Antarctica XXI.

Antarctica XXI is a leading provider of Antarctic cruises. The Luminous Landscape has been working with them for several years as its provider of expedition travel to that continent.

The Antarctica XXI Grant for Creative Photographers is awarded annually, and will provide the recipient with a one week all-expenses paid Antarctic cruise during the 2015/16 season. It is intended that the photographer receiving the grant use the opportunity to create a series of unique images on a particular theme, which will change from year to year.

For the 2017/18 grant the photographer is requested to propose a photographic project that explores a specific Antarctic theme (TBD). The photographer's current portfolio should display the talent and vision necessary to explore a special environment in a new way.

The trip itself is being provided by Antarctica XXI while The Luminous Endowment for Photographers will cover the cost of air travel from the recipients location to Santiago, Chile, where the voyage begins.

Current Submission Deadline 2017-08-30 -04