LensWork Publication Skills Grant


LensWork Publication Skills Grant is currently closed.

This award is granted to photographer(s) who are ready to expand their core skills beyond photography for exhibition or gallery presentations and are wanting to prepare their work for publication.

This grant is intended for educational and skills development purposes to reduce or eliminate the barriers to publication. Examples are:



· acquisition of software
· software training
· layout and design training
· typography or book design
· publication workshops
· resource materials for pre-press preparation

This grant is not intended to fund the printing or production of books or other publications, but rather to encourage the acquisition of skills necessary for photographers to embark on a life-long creative path that leads to publication. Nonetheless, it is an expectation of this grant that photographer will use the resources of their acquired skills to complete a publication project.

There are no restrictions on the style of photography or medium of publication — commercially printed, print-on-demand publications, digital, or original fine art artist's books are all acceptable media.

The judges will be evaluating the photographer's photographic maturity, specificity of the required needs, and readiness to embrace project publication as the next step in their career.

Grant applications are acceptable from both photographers and educators who teach publishing skills to photographers.

Readers may discuss grant applications on our Facebook page.

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