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The Jacob Family Speaks

Kristina Jacob - California, United States

Following the four Jacob siblings through interviews and imagery.

“Model home”

F. Emmanuel Bastien - NY, us

On her front door, a sign “Model home.”
Maria lives alone on the outskirts of the remote village of Aprilovo in Bulgaria. Nested at the foot of the Balkan mountains, her house, made of wood, dirt and stone, dates back to the Ottoman Empire. In the garden, a well, on the side,an outhouse, in the kitchen,a wood stove.
"Model home" is about the history held within the house, the objects that surround Maria, and how her relationship with these objects speaks of a way of life almost forgotten.

Abdi, You Are Dreaming

Cihan Demiral - Sariyer, Istanbul, Turkey

There is a children's home in Istanbul which caters to minor boys who have immigrated to Turkey, mostly from African countries. Only way they can stay there is if they have been arrested by the police. The home ensures that many of them can go to school but is under-reported as you can only access it with the state's permission. I met one of the boys living there; Abdi is studying at university and dreams of becoming a photographer. I would like to collaborate with him to tell the home's story.

Rapido 904 memories of a forgotten massacre

Martino Lombezzi - Bo, Italia

The December 23rd, 1984 massacre on the 904 express train, one of the worst terrorist attacks in Italian history and the first which has a clear mafia matrix, is a forgotten story. With this project I want to shed light on it through the juxtaposition of portraits, still life, photographs of public commemorations and judicial testimonies, vintage photographs and other archive materials. My aim is to create a contemporary visual interpretation of this event and represent its scattered memory.

The Time I Have Left

Constanza Hevia H. - Osorno, Chile

“The Time I Have Left” is a long-term documentary project about end-of-life issues of elderly people living with dementia. Currently, I am photographing two seniors living with different stages of dementia. I bear witness to the stories of my subjects with the creation of honest and intimate portraits of their daily lives. In my photographs, I capture the physical and emotional impact of dementia, the relation of life and death and the fight of my subjects against memory loss.

Reflections on Lost Landscapes

James Robert Southard - Ky, USA

After inheriting my father’s collection of slides from his military career, I discovered his unrealized talent as a photographer. I want to print a two volume book on the subject of my father’s images, travel and work paired with my own. Book 1 will exhibit some of the best images from my father’s travels and the 2nd book will be made from images I build from his slides. I have already started scanning these slides to build my own interpretation of where we would both travel now if we could.

Immigration dream

Anastasiia Kotelnyk - Kiev, Ukraine

A year ago  friends of mine won the Green Card lottery and moved to the United States of America . They had decided to participate in the lottery just for fun and out of curiosity, and unexpected for themselves won it . They have been married for 7 years, have their own apartment in a big city, jobs and a dog. Had they ever dreamt of or planned to move to the US or any other county? Never! They did not even speak English.

Dear Daisy ~ The treasure that surrounds us

Kelly Korte - CA, United States

Clocklocket photography presents “Dear Daisy” which is a photo series taken and collected over the last 3 years in Healdsburg, california where i live with my husband and our 6 daughters.
I work from home as Owner/Photographer of Clocklocket Photography.
Inspired and created by a 113 year old diary i bought from an antique shop, Dear Daisy reflects my research and discovery of the life and history of the diary’s author and roots of the small town we have in common.

In Their Own Words

Paul Giguere - MA, USA

Many people make the perilous journey to the United States from Latin and South America every year. Many come to escape the violence in their home country or to seek better economic opportunities. Most come not to settle down in the U.S. but to find temporary sanctuary or employment with the hope of returning home someday. This project explores the stories, memories, hopes, and dreams of immigrants (both newly arrived and those who have lived in the U.S. for years).


Daniel Arnaldi - New South Wales, Australia

This project is to document the culture of aerodromes that are currently undergoing this change and which do not see services from larger airlines, with particular focus on the people who work and are connected to there, both long standing and new members who together are a bridge to the past and present.

Kitchen Gods

priya kambli - MO, USA

My artwork is intrinsically tied to my own family’s photographic legacy. At age 18, I moved from India to the United States, a couple of years after my parents passed away. Before I emigrated my sister and I split our photographic inheritance arbitrarily and irreparably in half - one part to remain in India with her and the other to be displaced along with me in America. For the past decade my archive of family photographs has been one of my main source materials in creating bodies of work.

Occupy Wall St.

Matt - New York, New York

I am a visual artist specializing in photography and filmmaking, currently completing my BFA in Photography at Parsons The New School for Design. I was born and raised in New York City. Using photography and mixed media, I am exploring the power of music and imagery to transcend political, economic and social boundaries through storytelling.