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Public Intimacy

Richard Sobol - MA, USA

Shanghai is a city filled with contrasts as old and new cultures mix, mingle and crash into each other. The most wonderful example of this is the explosion of contemporary housing decorated with old-fashioned clotheslines and laundry racks filling every available open space.

Bridging the Chinese Diaspora and Greater China

Angela Wan - NY, USA

A project that aims to bring awareness to Chinese diaspora the importance of keeping cultural ties with the older Chinese generation in Greater China to preserve Chinese culture in a globalized socioeconomic world.

20 years in Southwest China, a period of rapid modernization.

Jonathan Kott - Washington , United States

A contrast of this period of unparalleled development and its effects on the people and their lifestyle.

Shanghai 1997-2017

James Leynse - New Jersey, United States

A 20 year project documenting the transformation of Shanghai into one of the most modern cities in the world.



Love in China in the town : Photographic project
The love as it is lived in Beijing, Canton, Shanghai. My project speaks about in love in the city. Photographing the human ones since many years I am interested particularly in their exchanges and the formal manner to present them. How in China do people consider their relationship with the other on this subject? It is a question of telling love and of representing it but in a metaphorical way and without being narrative.