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Jungle Vignettes: The Illustrative Amazon Rainforest

Jessica Suarez - GA, USA

Jungle Vignettes: The Illustrative Amazon Rainforest is a testimony to the splendid and endangered expanse of wilderness.

Full Shade / Half Sun

Néha Hirve - ---------, Sweden/India

Full Shade/Half Sun is a photography project about the experimental community of people in the tropical dry forest of Tamil Nadu in India.

Blending the genres of documentary and fine art photography, Full Shade / Half Sun is not so interested in reportage or journalistic facts, but attempts to bring up philosophical and existential questions of the ways in which we find meaning in the world.

A newspaper from the American West

Antonis Theodoridis - Athens, Greece

There is no other place in the world more iconic to the world of Photography than the American West. In this work, I attempt to reconcile the image of the West as seen by photographers, throughout the history of the medium, with the way it is seen and conceived by its inhabitants through local newspapers.

Into The Sky

Suzanne Gayle - New South Wales, Australia

The sky is nature’s expansive canvas on which we display our subjects. It mirrors human emotions, from a bright sunny deposition to a stormy angry person. Whilst the subject is static the sky is ever changing impacting the visual representation of the subject. It is this fascinating relationship that I am exploring through photography. I invite you to join me to look up “Into The Sky” next time you are walking around outside.

American Girl

INNA Valin - St Paul, MN, USA

In this series, fine art photographer Inna Valin explores the diverse worlds of often invisible American Girls in the contemporary landscape. Referencing personal experiences as a cult survivor and a homeless teen Valin documents girls in the margins and sidelines of culture, who may not stereotypically come to mind when we think of the phrase American girl, such as New Muslim immigrants girls, girls affected by the opiate epidemic and homelessness, forgotten rural working class girls. She creates a remarkably honest and poignant portrait of the American experience through the eyes of the American Daughter.

Lakay Se Lakay (Home Sweet Home)

Lovelyne - Florida, United States

"Lakay Se Lakay" means "Home Sweet Home" in Haitian Creole.

This is a visual story about the gentrification of the neighborhood Little Haiti, in Miami, Florida.

Gentrification is threatening the rich culture, history, and legacy of Little Haiti at an alarming rate. Families and business are being displaced. While art and innovation are great things, the "home away from home" for many immigrants will no longer exist.