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Hold Your Breath

Arden Surdam - CA, United States

Hold Your Breath is a body of work recently exhibited in Los Angeles. The two year project is a series of portraits capturing handmade papier-mâché headpieces which are covered with found fabric & wrapped around models in a studio setting. The images arise from months living in New Orleans where I was engaged with the arts community learning how to build floats & costumes. If awarded this grant, I would be able to expand my skills beyond the studio in order to create a monograph or publication.

Human - Tiger Conflict

Senthil Kumaran - Tamilnadu, India

India is fast growing country in the world. There are over 500 wildlife sanctuaries occupying 1.21% of country’s total land area. Growth in human population and development activities in and around the forests and protected areas have reduced and fragmented the wildlife habitat to a significant extent. We have been losing nearly 1.5 million hectares of forest land area every year. This creates an enormous stress on the ecological balance & Create Major Human & Animal Conflict across the Country.


Magdéleine Ferru - Midi Pyrénées, France

My proposed project is about the old mine town of Kennecott, Alaska. I explored the mine town a couple of time, and fell attracted by the mining ambiance breathing through the historic building and items that have been left on site since 1938.
I hope i can share my experience with the public, by publishing a book; The grant would be used to participate into workshop (lay out, design, editing, binding, typography, etc) and to invest in equipment (softwares, materials...)

LensWork Publication Skills Grant Application - Shane Gross

Shane Gross - SK, Canada

I have been photographing The Bahamas’ underwater realm for over 5 years and have an extensive collection of images of the beauty that surrounds these 700 islands. I want to learn layout design, obtain necessary software, and learn about the publishing industry as a whole and how to best bring this book to market.

I intend to fund the publishing myself, but want to be well equipped.


isabelle armand - New York, NY, USA

“Levon and Kennedy” is an in-depth, photographic documentary about victims of wrongful conviction and incarceration in the Deep South. It is designed to raise consciousness, challenge popular perceptions and engage society in a broader conversation about inequalities in our criminal justice system.

LensWork Publication Skills grant application

Shelley Doss - TN, United States

I hope to be selected for the LensWork Publication Skills grant so I can learn new photographic and bookbinding techniques to aid me in creating unique photobooks.