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Edging, GA

Anna Brody - Maryland, USA

Edging, GA is a project I started in January of 2017 in which I simultaneously create and document a place that exists only at sunrise and sunset. The work focuses primarily on longing, loneliness, contentment, cyclical mood shifts, and escapism, all as represented by or found within the social and built landscape. I have been exploring what it means to want and desire in a goal-oriented society that does not provide you with the tools to handle the fact that you don't always get what you want.


I am a photographer currently based out of Savannah, Georgia. I moved here to attend undergrad in 2014 and was completely blindsided by the slowness and beauty of the south Ė it was so much more than I could have ever hoped for. I have been working on Edging, GA for almost a year now, and will be graduating from university and moving away from savannah in November 2017. With this grant my primary focus is to create and publish a monograph and hold a solo exhibition. I would be able to finance travel back to Savannah, as well as the Kodak film, C-41 processing, and Imacon scanning necessary to produce my work. I would also be able to fund the inkjet printing and paper, framing, show cards, and transportation to a gallery for the solo exhibition, and a mockup of the monograph to send to prospective publishers.

Though Edging, GA is not a real place, it is very close Ė more mirage than fantasy: itís somewhere that looks tangible from far away, but as soon as you get close it disappears. This golden world is one of the many fictions of pages, screens and songs that are arguably all based on true stories, and they are rarely meant to be within reach. Longing, loneliness and the desire to fill our holes and gaps and close our distances is one of the most compelling forces in life, and the feeling of edging towards the fulfillment of your desire is often better than the fulfillment itself - that is assuming fulfillment itself is even possible. I donít know yet if these are the right words for these feelings, or just some words I learned that fit the best. I donít know if the people in my pictures are the ones who have made themselves comfortable and warm in these feelings or if they are the ones who are just as scared of them as I am. Maybe the people in my pictures are the ones who also donít know what to call it, and also use ďlonelyĒ or some other inadequate descriptor to give it a name. Maybe there is no word, and Iím getting closer to being a person who isnít looking for one. Maybe thatís what Iím taking pictures of Ė people and things that are also almost there, or are almost done looking.

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