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Edging, GA

Anna Brody - Maryland, USA

Edging, GA is a project I started in January of 2017 in which I simultaneously create and document a place that exists only at sunrise and sunset. The work focuses primarily on longing, loneliness, contentment, cyclical mood shifts, and escapism, all as represented by or found within the social and built landscape. I have been exploring what it means to want and desire in a goal-oriented society that does not provide you with the tools to handle the fact that you don't always get what you want.

Swell and Breath

Aaron McNulty - New Hampshire (NH), USA

The power of the ocean, both to destroy and to heal, is a deep fascination for me and being on the water on a surfboard as well as in the water with my camera are where I feel an incredible freedom and joy.
My proposed project is to continue creating images that capture the ocean's depth and intensity from an angle not many get to see, focusing on PTSD and the solace found in the power of the waves.
I hope to create a portfolio, a monograph to go with an exhibit and hopefully a book.

On the Yard

Shawnre Tieuel - TX, United States

A short-form photo story representing both overt and underlying tension on the University of Texas campus. The chronology includes stories that originally took place over decades (1970s- 2010s). This piece will combine all events into a short period one year for dramatic affect. Photos are interwoven throughout and will read like a historical coffee table book. Reenactment photo shoots (MLK and Malcolm X), former student interviews, and monument/landscape photos will complete my story.


Oren Darling - Indiana, United States

I am a 34 year old artist living in Indiana. I am the creative manager for a scientific research non-profit. I completed my MFA in Electronic and Time Based Art at Purdue University in 2015. My primary photographic influences are Robert Frank, Sebastiao Salgado, and Louis Draper. Almost all of my work is shot with 35 and 50mm equivalent prime lenses on a rangefinder and I rarely travel with more.

Last Exit

kürşat bayhan - İstanbul, Turkey

I started working on “Last Exit” project five years ago. I have been doing weekend trips to northern Istanbul to talk to the residents and see the changes first hand. This project will show people the drastic changes in the northern Istanbul and what they are losing. it almost came to end.My plan within the two years is to shoot more photographs, conduct video interviews with people. And publish the book.

Wisconsin Wilderness

Jim Sincock - WI, USA

Wisconsin Wilderness is a photography project which will document the nationally designated wilderness areas in Wisconsin with a goal to bring awareness to these important natural areas. The goal is to artistically document the diverse ecology and landscape while trying to capture the feel of solitude wilderness can offer. Once completed, the photo series will be presented as a photo book along with a gallery exhibit.


Allen Morris - Oregon, United States of America

ISO is an exploration of anxiety and place insecurity. This autobiographical body of work uses the digital photographs to describe the search for Place and stability in geographical and psychological terms. With an exhibition of the work scheduled for early 2018, I would use grant funding to purchase materials to prepare, print, and present these photographs for the exhibition as well as editions for future opportunities for display or acquisition into collections.

Skiing Under the Northern Lights

Grant Ordelheide - Colorado, United States

Iceland has become a very popular landscape photography destination over the last few years. I have previously spent time in this beautiful country photographing its natural wonders. While many locations are over photographed, I believe there are still opportunities to create unique and significant work. My intent is to combine the human element into the beautiful landscape in an uncommon way. For example, backcountry skiing under the northern lights.

The Burren

Caroline Minchew - Virginia, USA

The Burren, a karstic landscape in Ireland, is a visual archive of the interaction between humans and natural forces. I will photograph with a large format camera and create platinum-palladium prints along with text of personal experience, history, and the mysticism of the landscape. I plan to create hand bound portfolios of the platinum prints to finish the project.

Minorities in Xinjiang

Jacek Oleksinski - Skane, Sverige

The culture of the Kyrgyz and Tajik minorities of far western China's Xinjiang province are threatened by China's rapid economic expansion. My ambition is to document the life and beauty of this isolated place and its people.

Himalayan Odyssey

jayanta roy - India, India

Himalayan Odyssey is a project to capture wild landscape of Himalayas to make people aware about the climate change.

All Those Beautiful Places - Photo Project

Antun Cerovecki - Zagreb, Croatia

This is a carbon neutral trip with EV which aims to inspire public and encourage responsible travel. During October 2016. and October 2017. I will spend 40 days in Croatian National and Nature Parks, photographing nature and building a portfolio for an exhibition.

Railroad Landscapes: West Coast to Texas

John Sanderson - New York, NY, USA

Traveling across the United States is an exercise in the predictable. Much of the highway landscape, aside from secondary roads bypassed by most long-distance travelers, is a recurring sequence of franchised businesses. This body of photographs examines the overlooked track-side environment of America's railroads. From the urban to the rural, I set out to examine how the tracks exist as a narrative force within the frame while also looking to places describing our collective history.