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Melancholy Maryland

Joshua Zwick - Florida, United States

This is a sample of photos I took on my trip in southern Maryland.

Nowhere Fast: Iceland

Francesca Beltran - New York, USA

Nowhere Fast is an ongoing photography series that attempt to shed a new light on different locations around the world, by discovering original perspectives in already existing sceneries. The project aims to encourage a reflection on our human stand in relation to this Earth.

The Sacred Nature of Place in the Himalayas

Jeff Botz - North Carolina, USA

I want to make a photo that is the visual equivalent of Judy Collins singing Amazing Grace.

I want to express photographically the sacred and divine nature of the Himalayan landscape.

I want to show the forget-me-nots left by the Creator of the Universe.

I want to use the language of photography to say one profound thing that I cannot say using
the language of words.

These are the long-standing goals that I will continue to pursue using this grant money.

Railroad Landscapes

John Sanderson - New York, USA

Traveling across the United States is an exercise in the predictable. Much of the highway landscape, aside from secondary roads bypassed by most long-distance travelers, is a recurring sequence of franchised businesses. Conversely this body of photographs examines the overlooked track-side environment of America's railroads. From the urban to the rural, I set out to examine how the tracks exist as a narrative force within the frame while also looking to places describing our collective history.

Gray Space: Shifting Urban Landscapes in the American South

Kelly Kristin Jones - GA, United States

The modern southern US city constantly tears down to build anew. Ever-present construction sites bear witness to what was and what may be. By documenting these spaces, I illuminate temporary urbanscapes. Plastic sheeting, installed by workers onsite to manage detritus, allows new representation of the landscape. Between destruction and new life, both physical and metaphysical transformation is documented through un-manipulated photographs of partially abstracted views.

«The Armenian palette diversity»

Darbinyan Ani - Yerevan, Armenia

The purpose of photo series will be to discover, to photograph and to represent the colors of Armenia, the shades and the harmony of nature and architecture as much as possible. Visiting the regions and photographing different types of landscapes to show the country's rich natural diversity and fantastic palette of nature.


Teri Havens - Colorado, USA

An homage to the humble bar. Palladium prints of simple, solitary structures shrouded in loneliness and isolation, yet miraculously, as if blessed by some divine patron, still open.

Delicious Armenia

Mindia Charkseliani - Kutaisi, Imereti, Georgia

It is no secret that Armenian cuisine is one of the oldest in the world and is distinguished by its uniqueness. Armenian traditional kitchen is represented by the dishes that are mainly made with local products, a variety of spices and fruits. Like other countries in the Caucasus, the hospitality towards guest begins with feeding him/her. Therefore, the gastronomic tourism is an important part of travel industry.

Grozny: Nine Cities

Olga Kravets - Ile de France, France

Grozny: Nine Cities is an extensive study of the post-war Chechnya, which spanned over more than six years in fieldwork by three photographers, myself, Oksana Yushko and Maria Morina. Our project has already been a successful cross-media experience, it has been released as a web-documentary in three languages, travelled to five countries as an exhibition and installation and has been published by international media. It would not, however, be complete without a book that we are working on now.

Silent Garden

Alfredo Covino - Italy/Rome, Italy

"Silent Garden" is an on-going documentary project inspired by the concept of the "garden" that metaphorically represents the existence, a kind of guardian of memory of those who previously lived it and took care of it. Not just an evocative and nostalgic place, but it also reveals the relationship between man and nature, matter and spirit.
The project aims to explore the Moldovan contemporary society to understand the causes that led most of the people to abandon their land, their houses, their gardens. The Moldovan landscape is exploited and forgotten, shaken by a deep and unbreakable identity crisis: drenched with loneliness, sadness and desolation, these places linger on fallow fields and deserts, scattered with stones and abandoned houses.

Reimaging the Vision: The American Grand Tour and the Hudson River School

John Dotta - California, USA

Reimaging the Vision: The American Grand Tour and the Hudson River School is a project to revisit areas around upper New York State, the Sierra Mountains, and the Rockies to photograph the “American Grand Tour” based on the locales of the Hudson River School paintings. These locations are identified by The Hudson River School Art Trail, created by the Thomas Cole Historical Society (, to map the painting sites that inspired the Hudson River School artists.

Water and Stone: The Shaping of the West

Michael Strickland - Kansas, United States

The project Water and Stone: The Shaping of the West looks at the shape and form of the Colorado River and its tributaries. The Colorado River watershed encompass over a quarter of a million square miles and is the primary sculptor of the landscape of the southwestern United States. It is my hope that with this project, viewers will see more of the intimate landscape that has drawn me to this location and that has been shaped over centuries by the rivers of the West.

Wild Fields

Michał Sierakowski - Mazowieckie, Poland

‘Wild Fields’ is a documentary about nationalism in Ukraine, from the history of 16th century cossackdom, which is seen as the beginning of Ukrainian nation, down to current War in Donbass. Its aim is to understand and explain how a nation is constituted through creation of national myths, heroes and (re)interpretation of history.

Wetlands and Watersheds: The Natural world in an Agricultural Landscape

Peter Lindsay - Manitoba, Canada

For several years, I have been photographing in the aspen parklands region of Manitoba. This is one of the largest boreal-grassland transition zones in the world, consisting of groves of spruce, aspen and prairie grasslands, intersected by river valleys.

This grant would allow me to realize two goals: to photograph in more remote parts of the province, and to assemble my photographs into a monograph for distribution to libraries, schools and art galleries in and art galleries in Manitoba.

Head it!

Ben Haywood - London, United Kingdom

An exhibition and book project based on the issues of short and long term brain injury from heading footballs. The focus of the project will be the Uckfield grasshoppers football team and analysing their players' performance through photography and scientific research.

Avoiding heading the football is traditionally viewed as weak, but increasingly parents are expressing concerns about the effects of heading on their child's brain development.

The Portrait of Time

Antonio Di Stefano - Latina, ITALIA

The Portrait of Time is my personal project that translates, through images and stories, the paths of time, in the beauty of the National Park of Abruzzo. The PNA is best known as a tourist destination or for the typical winter sports and, although it is quite well known, it has never been photographically valued. Each element gives voice to moments stopped by the lens of the camera. Rhythms of a sovereign nature that determines seasons, expressed by shades of colors and scents of the time.

Yosemite Beyond the Valley

Douglas Bush - CA, USA

"Yosemite Beyond the Valley" is a project that will lead viewers deep into the Yosemite Wilderness, beyond the well known and often photographed Yosemite Valley to reveal that the park we thought we knew, is really so much more. With the help of the Luminous Endowment, this project will culminate in a traveling exhibition that will facilitate new and renewed appreciation for America's wild places.

The Land of Heart's Desire

Shawn Lingo - WA, USA

The proposed project will produce a book of photographs dealing with meaning and significance in the landscape. The project will involve travel to the west of Ireland and Scotland in order to develop a personal understanding and artistic response to landscape meaning in a lost home-place.


Christoph Lingg - Vienna, Austria

A series of landscapes in the Nordic countries reduced to their structures, forms and geometric patterns into their essence.

Landscape: interrupted

Olga Roszkowska - Mazovia, Poland

A documentary project complemented by anthropological research on the questions raised by dramatically transforming, ever-increasing trend of post-tourism and expectations towards accessibility of primary landscape it creates. Simultaneously, this type of landscape is rapidly disappearing due to the expansion of heavy industry in remote, wild, diverse regions. I want to examine how far the mark of human activity stretches and how wilderness now has to be manufactured for the sake of tourists.

Polar Landscape Narratives

Shaun O'Boyle - Massachusetts, USA

A project that looks at the landscapes and written narratives of the early explorers of the Arctic and Antarctic.

The Desert Moment

Serge J-F. Levy - Arizona, United States

“The Desert Moment” is a book project composed of “momentary landscapes” of the Southwestern wilderness. I borrow from the methods of “street photography”—the spontaneous reaction to stimuli in urban landscapes—and apply them to the desert backcountry to expose the moment-to-moment beauty, mystery, and biodiversity of the desert. The project challenges notions of street photography as an urban genre and of landscape photography as a genre that principally celebrates the sublime or pristine.

Surveillance Landscapes

Marcus DeSieno - FL, United States

"Surveillance Landscapes" is a photographic series that I have been working on for two years where I have been hacking into surveillance cameras around the world and photographing the landscape in order to re-think our relationship to the land, borders, and power in our global surveillance state.

My proposal is to use these funds to help create my first artist monograph from this series and I have teamed up with Daylight Books, a photo-book publisher out of North Carolina, to help.

Forest Healing - Immersive Photographic Exhibit

James Bourret - ID, United States

I am seeking a grant of $5000.00 for travel to British Columbia and the US Pacific Northwest to continue the development of a body of work of large scale prints of deep forest settings. In this project I am seeking to develop an exhibition of extremely large scale photographs for installation in healthcare settings. I hope to establish a connection between the Japanese concept of Shinrin-yoku (healing forest immersion) and large scale landscape photography installations in healthcare settings.

The Midwest // The Suburbs

Seth Wheeler - IL, United States

The Midwest // The Suburbs is a photography project documenting the midwestern suburbs surrounding Chicago, Illinois. It focuses on elements of suburban decay, abandonment, and the idea that the portrayal of perfection is inherently flawed. The Midwest is meant to be shown in a coffee table book format alongside a gallery show. The images typically contain houses, cars, abandoned structures, garages, and documentation of the process of upkeep including yard work and tree removal.


Mark Eshbaugh - MA, United States

I would utilize funds from the grant to continue creating my fine art photographs highlighting critical national environmental issues with an advocate use of photography. My goal is to expand my advocate efforts for the environment beyond my previous studies of the Appalachians and the Atlantic coastline, and share other locations in need of a voice. The culmination of the series will result in a monograph of the work created and potentially a traveling gallery exhibition.

Portfolio for California conservation photographer

Malcolm - CA, United States

I have a passion for the landscapes of California. As soon as I got out of high school I had a chance to take a brief tour of this marvelous state. Since I took up photography a few years ago I have been wanting to go back to photograph all the places I most treasure and to show California's many lesser known ecological gems. This project will be the start of a conservation focused project that will also help me finish my first portfolio.

40 Miles of Water; the Seattle Waterfront and Duwamish Waterway.

Gary Sutto - Washington, USA

The enclosed work is from 40 Miles of Water; the Seattle Waterfront and Duwamish Waterway. The project began with a photograph I made at the edge of a bluff while visiting Discovery Park in Seattle. The concept of photographing our waterfront vista was born with the image of a dark, tree lined shore, under a cloudy sky lowering upon Puget Sound. The visual impression from that afternoon stayed with me and, with other like visits, has developed into a documentation examining our waterfront, incorporating the architecture, landscape (both public and private) and the recreational and industrial sites in close proximity to the water.

Faces and Places of Route 66

Rachel Richardville - Indiana, United States

Route 66 used to be known as the Main Street of America. It was one of few ways to get from the Midwest to the West Coast. Stopping along the way at all the unique towns and sites was the fun part of the long drive.

My project proposal is a new project, with the intent of producing a book and portfolio of fine art images and story of the people who still live on historic Route 66 today.

Nevada Mirage

Ryan Shorosky - New Jersey, United States

Nevada Mirage is an ongoing project and my first planned monograph that explores and examines the landscape and people that make up the isolated regions of central Nevada. The premise of the work consists of focusing in and around the small towns that have played significant roles in the area, specifically Amargosa Valley and the town of Tonopah, which shaped by their isolation, have become staples of the region’s history and culture, dating back to the early 20th century silver and gold booms.

Useful Conservation Photography for Public Benefit

Steven Martin - New Mexico, USA

I am in search of ways to support conservation and preservation of our federal public lands through my photography by donating my images forward for public benefit to agencies in need. To further that goal, I have volunteered to provide the National Park Service, El Malpais and El Morro National Monuments, with current, high quality, photographic images of these Monuments in all seasons for use in official website publication, brochures, interpretive signing and other official publications.

Rosy Peaks

Riley Ryan-Wood - Texas, United States

I would like to develop a portfolio of Icelandic landscapes which build upon my previous photographic exploration of light, composition and color in extreme environments.

Wind Water

Palani Moahan - Hong Kong, Hong Kong

This project in essence is about the energy that flows over Hong Kong. It’s a visual and artistic take using the elements of Feng Shui, wind, water, wood, metal, earth and fire as a concept and explore how and where this island state gets its chi.

Glaciers: Anthropogenic Artifacts

Kaitlin Miller - New York, United States

Alaska's glaciers are at a rapid decline, some receding at the rate of 1ft a day. Our own inhabitation of this earth has taken a toll on it’s natural resources.

My proposed project is to begin a series focused on glaciers of Alaska that will never be restored. While working with my partner, a geologist, I hope to capture the details of these landscapes that are changing daily. Ideally at the end of my project, I would hope to have a gallery exhibition paired with a photo book.

Variety wide view

V.A.Sanjeewa Jayarathne - Central Province , Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has numerous tourist attractions with areas of natural scenic beauty, primarily including beautiful mountainous terrains, agricultural landscapes forests, grasslands, inland wetlands, and coastal and marine ecosystems with diverse climatic conditions. As an evergreen country, which comprises lots of wonderful unique landscape areas that are hidden from the world and my project is intended to open up these hidden places to the public world.


Andrew Mroczek & Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo - Massachusetts, United States

Fatherland reveals the Peruvian landscape as sites of evidence within the extreme, yet common circumstances of violent hate-crimes toward the LGBTQ community. While Peru’s landscape is often celebrated for its rich cultural history, it also bares the scars of a violence born from patriarchal methodology and an intolerance that permeates its rural neighborhoods, farmlands, public parks, and urban districts.
The title of each image indicates the name of the victim and the nature of the assault.

Last Exit

kürşat bayhan - İstanbul, Turkey

A mega project being built north of Istanbul has made escaping from the distopia that was the Gezi Park protests and entering a utopia an unreachable dream. Over 3 million trees were cut in a short period of time as part of construction work on the highways and roads leading up to the third bridge over the Bosporus, which is currently under construction. The path chosen for the highways and connecting roads is of vital importance to those of us living in the city because the lakes, wildlife and endemic plant species are a source of life for Istanbul. The history of the water resources found in and around the Belgrade Forest stretches back to Ottoman and Byzantine times.This all started about three years ago as an interview for a newspaper, but has since morphed into a responsibility I feel I have. I started photographing the changes in the city I live in as well as the topographic changes in the rural areas surrounding it. During my weekend trips to the construction sites and path of the highways and connecting roads, I took the time to speak with those living in the area. To illustrate this, I came up with a three-point metaphor involving rural life, the landscape and portraits.

Apple trees in square.

Marek Olszycki - Lodz, Poland

My idea is to prepare a kind of portraits of popular trees, more from the landscape or fine arts point of view, than the botanical one. I try to capture something unusual in their shape, colour and surface or even in the vicinity - to present their habitat as well. My effort is to explore some characteristic habitats of oaks, pines, birches and so on to complete this collection of photo-graphics and finally to prepare a publication in the form of book.

Our land - My Vision

Ronald Clayton Webber - Nova Scotia, Canada

A self published book, a retrospect of my landscape photography.

In-between Places - Sanctuaries of Singapore

Samuel Chia - Singapore, Singapore

In-between Places is a personal photography project that celebrates the unseen nature landscapes of Singapore. For the past nine years, I have endeavored to make photographs of Singapore that appear to be a wild landscape, free of the hand of man, a challenge because of how highly urbanized and densely populated the mainland is, second only to Monaco.

Borrowed Language

Elisa Chaudet - NJ, United States

This is the beginning of a body of work where I follow two friends doing American Revolutionary War reenactments in and around New Jersey. I intend to continue pursueing this work in order to further blur the lines between documentation, fabrication, and reenactment.

Jews in the African Diaspora

William Anthony Rasdell - INDIANA, United States

From that first footprint in the sand, as people have transversed the globe they have established and maintained an array of social and cultural traditions.This project represents phase three of an ongoing investigation into the migration of people of Hebrew heritage into and throughout the continent of Africa.

Get Loud:A Photographic Journey through Emotion

Deanna Phoenix - Wyoming, USA

My proposed project is to launch our Get Loud: A Photographic Journey through Emotions, with the intent of producing a body of fine-art images for a local gallery exhibition, where the community will be invited to witness the natural human emotions, silently depicted through images.

The Great Wide Open

Drew Rush - WY, USA

In southern Wyoming lies one of the most remote landscapes in North America. At almost 10,000 square miles, the Red Desert is home to a diverse landscape of geological features including buttes, hoodoo's and the largest active dune field in the United States. Although a desert ecosystem, a diverse amount of wildlife also lives within this expanse including elk, deer, pronghorn and wild horses. All of this lies at the end of numerous dirt and two track roads in the middle of no where, Wyoming.

Bike Art

Sharon Tenenbaum - BC, Canada

In The Bike Art Project I am trying to push the boundaries of standard photography by combining two of my passions. Cycling and Photography. Inspired by the Vancouver backdrop, I have embarked on crafting this body of work ‘Bike Art’ that depicts Vancouver scenes out of bicycle parts. So far I have three images completed in the project.